Kovter Trojan Horse Harmful Virus (Remove Before System Damage)

Kovter is a harmful and nasty program that hides among registries of an operating system and then brings in a flood of advertisement banners with the intention to generate revenue for its creators.

Kovter Trojan Horse Virus Removal Tool

What is Kovter?

Kovter is a Trojan horse whose prime aim is to perform click-extortion operations on the computer it has infected, and it is purely designed to make money for its creators. The moment Kovter variant takes control of a PC, it gains the ability to spread itself into the registry of the computer and unhide from on the disk. It manages to camouflage from detection by registry tricks on the operating system. The threat is memory driven and works in hand with the registries to make sure that memory has full version so whenever the infected computers start up, it gets into action.

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The Kovter malware surfaced for the first time in 2013 since then it has been actively evolving. The threat becomes more aggressive and started to influence and take control of computer market effectively in 2013 and 2014, and it began to create chaos among the cybersecurity agencies after being recognized because of its famous ransomware technique (Trojan.Ransomlock.AK) which bolts the victim's computer and shows a message charging a fine for unlawful action. Anyways, Kovter itself is known to perform click-extortion exercises.

How does Kovter Trojan attack the computer?

Like most Trojan, Kovter Trojan infilters by various ways. The easiest way to get infected by a Trojan would be through the infected websites or the malicious websites. After the infection, the malicious web page impacts the operating systems by exploit kits that can know the vulnerability of the computer and establish the Trojans without the user’s consent.

Another approach used to distribute such malware would be through spam emails containing infected attachments or link to infected or target websites. The malware authors send such email using the names of the great manufacturer as headers misleading the users into believing that such emails are getting delivered from transportation giants like DHL or FedEx.

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The email gives the message that an attempted was made to provide a package to you, yet failed for unknown reasons. In other cases, the messages claim to be noticed from a purchase you have made. In any such case, the mail may seem to be related to your previous purchase or but, in reality, it is misleading once you open the attachment or tap on a link in the email. What's more, with that, your PC is now infected with a Trojan.

Once your computer is infected with Kovter Trojan, your computer runs at a high frequency, and you would see multiple processes like mshta.exe or powershell.exe running in the Task Manager

Once the Kovter Trojan has successfully invaded a computer, the victim would at times see an alert saying “Windows PowerShell has stopped working.”

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And to worsen the things, you would start witnessing a loop of advertisements banners as this Trojan will turn into adware after infiltration and this makes the victim's computer unresponsive.Flood of advertisements would lead to system crashes. The whole purpose of showing up popup ads is to gain web traffic and generate revenue by pay per click fraud this was the actual goal of Kovter Trojan.

Kovter Trojan Horse Virus

When your computer has got this adware, all your web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and MS Edge may redirect you to fake security warnings or sponsored advertisement banners. Although adware might not damage any files or Windows system, it will certainly annoy you with the continuous notifications or banners.

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