Information On Best PC Security Tools


Best PC Security Tools

Almost everyone who possess a computer would be connected to the Internet identifies about the security implications.


Most people do not take precaution against virus attack like malware think that few computer runs without an antivirus program or other security-related software like adware removal tool.


Below is list of critical tools that will make your work with a computer easier, your data safer, your system more stable, and your overall computer experience much smoother.


  1. Backup Program-Why do you need a backup program? - You will always have a second copy of your data in case the other copy gets corrupted or is lost. Your
    saved data is valuable! A backup will save you money or time trying to recover damaged or lost files.

A Windows system is usually full of lots of junk files and is also susceptible to various malware infections.


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Therefore, your system needs a new function to keep itself protected and perform perfectly. Be assured that with Win Tonic, stay protected on your Windows PC and online world as well. Win Tonic gives its user comprehensive browser protection of all the major browsers. It improves browser security by blocking infected websites and downloads done by you.

  1. Password Manager

As an active internet users we all tend to have many accounts and logging passwords. Unless your name is Data, you probably have a hard time remembering things now and then nevertheless, you should have a different password for every account and change it frequently to protect yourself from hackers and identity theft.


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Use complicated secure passwords which will protect your accounts from getting hacked. We would like to recommend our All-in-One Security Tool known as ITL antivirus.

  1. Software Or Driver Update Tools-As mentioned earlier, almost everyone these days is aware of virus attack, cyber hackers, and other security-related threats that linger online. Few reasons to install PC Tools to majorly security holes, bugs and gain access to new features. Our tool Driver Updater is the best solution for all your digital insecurity.
  2. Best Pop Up Blocker- With Ad-Blocker, you can be sure to have an ad-free web surfing experience. It gives you the liberty to see only those ads that you want to see. With the social media flooding our lives, it helps you block all social comments & add ons. It helps to block irrupting YouTube ads which help to save internet data and pages load faster than ever.
  3. Win Tonic-This tool gives its users easy cleanup of annoying junk files and remove reserved information from their systems to enjoy cleaner and faster PC. Not just this, you can easily boost startup time with Win Tonic’s Startup Manager.

Win Tonic enhanced feature gives its users’ browsing safety and PC security with its Web Protection feature. Equipped with strong security tools, it helps to strengthen browser security and prevent malware infections by blocking vulnerable websites and downloads for you.


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It helps in complete browser experience with ad-free browsing, homepage guard, free from infected downloads for all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and IE.


Win Tonic is a great junk cleaner as well as registry cleaner. The junk and privacy feature of this software helps to remove all the junk files after it has scanned the entire which are hindering your privacy and taking up unnecessary storage space on your system.


On the other hand, the Invalid Registry Scan of the software finds all the invalid registries and removes them to improve your system response time.

  1. Malware Crusher is designed as the best antivirus that has the unique feature which is called deep scans, and this feature reaches every corner of your PC to detect and remove any other infection. It crushes superficial threats from the roots.


With the security shield given by strong antivirus protection, the self-replicating codes get disable to stand any chance of reaching the core of your computer that is the CPU – accordingly protecting your system and the data it contains.


Protection from hackers Cybercriminal is the human form of viruses. They take help as backdoor entries to control for all the critical stored data like credit card and bank details, with which they gain access to your financial activities and transact on your behalf.


Robust antivirus software like Malware Crusher detects any spyware and other suspicious files such as key loggers used by these hackers, alert you, and help you to block them from accessing your computer system.


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Restoration of corrupted data Malware Crusher can quickly detect, identify and eliminate the specific bits of your data affected by malware without damaging your original data. This facility comes in handy when you’re at risk of losing the only copy of the file in question.


Protection from spam Most of the spammers have no ill thoughts, they are honest marketers with no malicious intent in their trade, but some spam messages go out as email messages which are the result of viruses hiding in your hard disc.


A good antivirus solution like Malware Crusher will disable the viruses and considerably reduce the number of unwelcome emails you receive.